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My Music/Graphic blog

Hi! I'm tylerluscious and you've stumbled across my music/graphic blog. Inspired by the likes of Bring Back Glam I have wanted a blog to express my love of this music for ages. So, I decided to make a community. I like to fiddle with my photoshop and ususally create art that I care about. Meaning, musicians that I &heart;

You can feel free to comment on my blog, and or graphics. Graphics are ususally shareable. I'll tell you when they won't be. I don't censor myself, so be an adult. If you don't like what I continue to post, or my opinion pisses you off, to fucking bad. It's my comm, you know? I say what I want to say and very few people will like it.

Anyway, I'm actually very friendly. I love a zillion bands, and as you can tell from the comm name Motley Crue are my favorite, so naturally expect lots of fangirling about them.

So, go on and join.