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15 April 2008 @ 12:19 pm
Just heard the new Motley Crue single "Saints of Los Angeles" on the radio. I'd already heard it, and it thrills me to no end. I was informed by my radio station that the Crue will be giving a press confrence tonight at 7!!! So, if you can and you like the Crue, watch. We will definitly be discussing this! It will be broadcast on the Fuse channel. I'm not sure if it's online or not. I'll check into this. I've searched, and I'm not sure if it's online or not. The website has been given a new look (yay!) and I'm checking that right now.

Don't worry, I won't give up until I find it!

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14 April 2008 @ 06:29 pm
Famous Rolling Stones girl, Anita Pallenberg, one of my second favorite Stones' wives. I made this header for my site, but you can have it. Feel free to comment! Comments are love. Lyrics are from "You got the Silver"
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13 April 2008 @ 01:29 am
Hi there! In case some of you ask, I decided to make a Resource list. All of these are very good tutorials, and they have helped me become a better designer than I once was. So, feel free to be nosy and see where I get my goods.

And more will be added all the time. If you have a resource list or you are a tutorial maker, please respond to this post and I'll get you up asap! I'm always ready to learn to become a better designer!

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